Whipping cream.

the Artist


As I sit here at my desk I'm looking outside at mounds of snow that resemble whipping cream to me. We have somehow missed spring this year. The spring birds are back, the goose on the back pond, sits huddled on her snowy nest. The pond still a block of ice will not be welcoming tiny goslings any time soon. The sky is the same hue as the ground. white. sigh.

We collectively here in Minnesota are despondent. We struggle, triumph and endure a long winter. April is our reward. Not this year. We wait for the deep frost of this winter to melt, so we can start digging foundations. Or digging a garden or digging just being outside without a coat! When we aren't looking out the window at piles of snow and bare trees... we continue working on the Orwell Court Project. Presently we are tiling the new master bath, painting, finishing floors and millwork. You can view the project here. https://www.applewoodremodelers.com/current-project/

One good thing about a cold spring... I'm back to my house update project. Kitchen and dining area painting are finished. Have lots of plans for the Carpenter to visually open up my tiny galley kitchen to be less tiny, by tearing down the bank of cabinets over the stove and building a custom stove hood.. which along with floating shelves will be a nice focal point. Can't wait! I don't mind living tiny anymore. And I actually love the challenge of using the space we have as efficiently and creatively as possible.

And.. I'm looking forward to enjoying whipping cream in my coffee, rather then on my lawn. I can only hope. 

PS Just heard more "whipping cream" is headed our way for the weekend!