by the Artist


It's been a rough past month. The Carpenter's Dad was in and out of the hospital and rehab. On March 3rd he passed. He truly was surrounded by family for his whole journey to his new home.. heaven. The Carpenter, his brothers and one uncle even took turns staying overnight with him so he wouldn't ever be alone. It was a beautiful heartbreaking time.

I've been thinking about writing about Miff Olson. To start.. he was a great man. He was a simple man. He stopped to smell the roses. He loved people, and a good small world story. And he always helped where he could. 

Like the time we took on our first huge renovation project- our home. Miff was there doing whatever he could from pulling nails (there was lath board everywhere), sweeping and hauling endless buckets of demo debris– from gutting the entire house.

He and my mother-in-law let us live with them for 8 months till we got the house liveable. 8 months. That was a sacrifice for them. 

He was always encouraging no matter what was going on. And he was a very good listener. I could sit for hours around his table laughing with him. He was a comfortable relaxed guy. And yes endearingly goofy. But most of all he loved unconditionally. He accepted. 

I am going and do miss him terribly. He was a true father to me. But I will see him again. Until then I will stop to smell a flower, say hello to a stranger, and gather small world stories.. for when I will sit around a table with him again.