These hands

the Artist


The Carpenter and I went to Caribou for lunch today. We don't normally celebrate Valentine's and certainly not in the middle of a work day. It was beautiful out. Sunny and almost 40. Downright balmy. 

I initiated taking a break because I am realizing that the years are flying by and all we do is work. We wait for that one big break where everything will suddenly be easy and blissful. Shiny new trucks and work trailers, an abundance of experienced Carpenters waiting in queue. Time for a few months away to someplace warm where no one owns a shovel.

A week ago the Carpenter's father was in the hospital and was a very sick man. He almost didn't survive the mystery illness. (it was never diagnosed). But today he's in transitional care commencing on the long journey to regain strength and health. We have a lot to be grateful for.

And that led me to sitting across from the man with the work worn hands. I've known those hands for 40 years. And they have changed. The Carpenter works harder then anyone I know. Anyone. And today I am taking time to appreciate that. 

So here's to my valentine with the work worn hands. May there be warm days, shiny trucks and abundance. You deserve it!