home sweet home.

by the Artist


Since Christmas my sister and I have been dealing with that inevitable life issue.. aging parents. After a fall which broke my father's hip we have been on a difficult journey which has left us breathless. He came out of surgery with a new set of challenges. We've had to scramble to get home care, as well as get the house ready for his return from rehab. My sister as I say is on the "frontlines" because she lives close to my father. I'm 1200 miles away. It has been difficult for both of us in similar and not equal ways. The new year has not started off well.

My father's desire is to live at home for as long as he can, as independently as he can. This creates a huge challenge. His home is not ideal for wheelchairs or walkers. The hallways, door openings are narrow. The bathrooms are small, or in one case large enough but the shower is not walk-in, the toilets are low. The home lighting isn't good. (I did buy some motion activated lights for a dark upper hallway). There is too too much furniture. The yard is too hilly and tree root bound to exercise, and the road the house is on is too busy.

We had to rent a chair lift for my father to be able to get to his second floor bedroom. He chooses not to stay in a first floor bedroom. And if he did we would need to remodel the first floor bath to accommodate his needs.

It's been a fast education in the past two months. My sister and I have learned a lot. We've had to make decisions we never would have imagined we'd need to make. All this to say.. how prepared are you? If your desire is to stay in your home as long as you can.. is your home ready? 

Maybe we can help you continue to love where you live.

It's on my mind these days.