Heart grain.

by the Artist

Today I remembered a small wood heart box the Carpenter made for me when we were dating many years ago for Valentine's Day. I have had it out of sight for a long time. And to be truthful.. at the time I didn't think much about it. I was young and wasn't wise enough to appreciate sweet simple "heartfelt gifts" that were handmade. I was more impressed with getting a diamond, flowers and or something really impressive. Gosh I was shallow. 

I now value life differently then when I was young. Well I guess that just goes with the territory. I used to want a large home, I wanted to live in downtown White Bear Lake, I wanted a screened porch (well I still would like that). I wanted new cars and an abundance of in style clothes. A boat and later a nice camper. I could go on as I'm sure you could too.

Today I am valuing my little heart box. I'm thinking about the care and thought that a high school kid put into it. And now looking back.. if I had looked hard enough I would have seen the man the Carpenter was going to be. His good heart, his creativty, his integrity, his values and thoughtfulness. It was all for display in that little wooden heart box.

I found the box and opened it today. I didn't remember I had stored so many memories of my childhood there. My childhood dog Schultzie's tag, my 8th Grade Good Citizenship Award, my Girl Scout ring and pins, a wooden nickel, my childhood heart locket, my first pair of pieced earrings that look like lady bugs, a miniature bottle with sailboat in it from my Grandfather and a New Jersey state charm. I am not a sentimental person but looking through the contents made me positively mushy.

I realized it's never too late to start valuing the simple things in life. That homemade gift. A modest little home. Maybe it isn't the grandest nor does it have the latest sought after features.. it does hold your life and your memories. It does have value. And it does show its potential if you look hard enough. 

So heres to a little wooden heart box, and the little treasures its been keeping for me all these years. And to that high school carpenter who created from his heart. 

I do appreciate you.