by the Artist

We have finally filled our Snack Manager position! Introducing Amazing Grace. We are calling her Mazie. She has big paws to fill. Our Grace was a sweetheart in all ways. And she did her job well! So it has taken some time to find the right candidate for the position. Our standards are high. 

This past Saturday we drove into the country (where all dog breeders seem to live) and picked her out of a squirming loud box of white! It wasn't easy. Another buyer was there picking up his pup and we were left to fend for ourselves. We knew we only had two female pups to choose from... and it was a challenge picking out a female that was not already chosen from the wiggly loud group.

I picked Gracie 13 years ago. This time the Carpenter picked Mazie. He just knew. I didn't know. I was actually kind of overwhelmed. How to pick another docile dog? And I knew the work ahead and the lifestyle change, and that shadowed my day.

And really how on earth do you know what temperament you are getting?

We thought she was docile and quiet. Well she was docile and quiet (probably terrified!) and sick on the way home. Yep.. twice.

And did I say she was quiet? Well.. that was for the car ride only. She is loud, knows her bark, uses her bark. She is sassy, spunky, smart, fearless and adorable. She is not docile. gulp. The Carpenter has already given this 7 week old pup two nick names. "Dora the Explorer" and "Mazie-a-go-go". The first night home she crawled under one of the work trailers and came out with a black smudge of grease on her face! Yep she's gonna fit right in.

It's a new day around here. We look forward to happy years with this pup. And proper snack management!