Mazie's first adventure

by the Artist

It's been a hectic 5 weeks since Mazie Grace came into our lives. She hasn't started snack management training yet.. is still learning the do's and don'ts of civilized proper behavior for a lady. They say that manners have gone out of style.. well that won't be the case for Miss Mazie. She will have a lot of responsibilities and will need to know how to behave in different situations. 

We are on the home stretch for the Lecuyer Project (head to this link to see photos of this project) I decided that it was time to introduce Mazie to a job site. Training started when she entered the crate in the car. It was an eventful trip. She is prone to car sickness. Both ends. She is amazing. ;O

Anyway it was great to see the job in person. The woodworking trim details are beautiful. The marble subway tile is the perfect compliment to the white, gray and tan color scheme. I can't wait to see the finished project. I met the homeowner and he couldn't be happier.

So here's to finishing strong this week. And for another excellent job done. And for puppies learning how to ride nicely in a car!