by the Artist

Another week is upon us. Every Sunday the Carpenter and I sit down after brunch and plan the crew's schedule. Well the Carpenter lays it out, I write and email. It's a practice I initiated after leaving my office job. All those Monday AM kick off the week meetings! Even though we don't sit in cubbies and work in different locations.. it's been a good thing. The crew knows the work load, goals and expectations for the week. It gives the Carpenter an opportunity to pause and gather his thoughts. Even though the plans always change as the week progresses.. at least we all start out on the same page. Or should I say.. the same side of a 2 X 4!

We have pretty much completed our Jay St Project which was a rather large interior remodel- bath, new floor warming system, heating system etc. It was the project of technical details.

The crew is bouncing between our Wacouta Condo Project and our Lecuyer Project. I'm particularly excited to see the finished Lecuyer Project (you can see this project photos by clicking here https://www.applewoodremodelers.com/in-progress/) because we are collaborating with Fluidesign Studio http://www.fluidesignstudio.com/on this kitchen remodel. 

I've been enjoying some side design projects. Just completed a dear friend's wedding decor. She and her husband were married at the Scandia GammelGarden http://www.gammelgardenmuseum.org/ in a historic vintage church by candlelight! It was so beautiful but very cold as the church did not have heat! I have a new appreciation for the early settlers of Minnesota!

I've also been continuing to sell our "Painted Apples" which has been surprisingly enjoyable as each piece goes home with someone who is excited to have it!

So we're off to a full 2017. Hopefully we will be too busy to notice the cold!