Mixed just right.

by the Artist

The Carpenter stopped back at the shop mid morning. There are days like yesterday where he leaves at 7:30 and doesn't reappear until 7:30 or later pm. So it was worth stopping what I was doing to make the most of this unexpected appearance.

I walked into the shop and asked what he was home for. He said.. "mix stain". I ran and got my phone to capture the moment (I'm always on the look out anything interesting to share).

I have never paid much attention to how he mixes stain. He's been doing it for 30+ years. He can match any existing stain or create a custom color. It's just instinct for him now. 

As I held my phone steady it hit me that he is really a stain "mixologist". A stain "bartender". He had those confident movements all the way down to the "shake". Pretty impressive. And as you will see he didn't waste a single bit of stain. Head to Facebook to see the January 18, 2017 video! https://www.facebook.com/ApplewoodINC/

So here's to our resident "stain master", "mixologist" and "bartender".

He'd be happy to mix up just the right color for you!