Egg bake and skating.

by the Artist

We had a whirlwind Christmas. Highs, lows, and in between. I'm sure like most people if you were to admit it. We decided to have a relaxing day today, build a fire in the wood stove, have brunch and open a few gifts from my family and friends from out east.

So much for plans! The Carpenter woke up to an email this morning that our fresh excavation for a garage addition had nicely filled up with water, following a day of unusual Christmas rain. And now it was turning into a skating rink. Albeit a skating rink you'd have to climb down a ladder to use.

I was busy preparing an "Egg Bake" for our relaxing day. (I have heard that egg bakes are a Minnesota deal.. and I'd never successfully made one... or a hot dish either! Not in this New Jersey girl's genes I guess). Anyway.. I know the Carpenter and I know he would not be able to enjoy my lovely egg bake (fingers crossed) knowing he had work to do. So I said.. "hey just go. We will eat when you get home." Along with... "do you have hip waders"... no he said. I have some rubber boots that go below my knees. I said... well what if the water is higher then your boots?. He said.. well then the water will go in my boots". sigh. (my sigh)

Off he drove with ladder and pump and I placed the raw egg bake in the frig.

And now I wait. And have time to share this story. And why am I sharing it other then because I have the time to... and I need to distract myself because I'm so hungry... is because this is the guy that would be in charge of your project. He's there. For whatever happens. Even the morning after Christmas on a now blustery cold winter day. In his short boots, with a pump and one ladder. Oh and also because we keep it real here.

Hurry home Mr Carpenter... the coffees hot and hopefully the egg bake is edible.