Snow and then some.

by the Artist

We've settled into winter here at Applewood. A fresh snow came over the weekend sprinkling 5" of white on the lawn and trees. The first snow is very pretty. And now we look like we are living in a snow globe and it feels all "Christmasy". That's nice for December! We can start looking forward to spring come January!

We are just wrapping up two inside projects. Have gotten a good start on the third and fourth. And the fifth project waiting to start will find our crew outside during the winter bitter. We've got good timing!

The Carpenter still has too big of a hat collection. :) And we continue to search for craftsman carpenters to add to our crew. I've been busy preparing for an annual insurance audit and working on my usual social media and design projects. 

We've also been busy interviewing for the "snack manager" position which has been open since last March. We have found a possible candidate and are anticipating meeting her in mid February if all goes according to plan!

We hope you are able to enjoy this busy season. I always say.. just take it one day at a time!