Greens anyone?

by the Artist

The Carpenter gave up his shop this past weekend for my sister-in-law's 10th Annual Holiday Greens Party. This is the second year it's been held in the shop. For eight years she held it in her home. That doesn't sound too bad. And it isn't if you don't mind evergreens of all sorts everywhere, ribbons, novelties, lots of debris and sap all over. I don't know how she managed. What a mess. But she loved doing it.

Now I'm helping. We take over the shop for one weekend. It's a ton of work but worth it in the end to see how much fun everyone has making their own arrangements. You get to be a florist, stretch your creative wings, have some laughs with friends, and head home with a custom arrangement you made... just in time for the holidays.

One of our current homeowners and her daughter came this year. I have helped her with design decisions and it was so nice that she came. She had a great time too.

Last week I walked into the shop when we were getting ready and I saw what the Carpenter had contributed to the party. He painted some festive art on two of our exterior work stations (old steel entry doors) that were propped up to hide shelves. What a guy. He never ceases to surprise me! He always supports whatever I take on.. even if it disrupts his work space. And that is how loyal he is to his customers. He's there for them. 

And he'd probably be happy to paint a Christmas scene on your door if you ask!

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