The best things.

by the Artist

It's beautiful outside. Breathtakingly so. Not a cloud, bluebird skies, flowering trees.

We started the Modern Farmhouse Project in February. The site had to be cleared of snow, the winds blew bitter off the lake. It was brutal at times. Today is the crew's reward for making it through that harsh start because it is already 85 degrees! I'm sure they will head home to start their weekends with some nice sunburn!

I stopped at the project yesterday and took some photos of the progress. They are rebuilding the entire lakeside of the home to meet engineering specifications for the new windows/doors that are going to be installed. In preparation for that, they had to build temporary walls to shut off the interior of the home from the exterior. To protect the home from the elements and for safety. I have not seen this done in any of our past projects (doesn't mean it hasn't been done I just haven't seen it). Amazing.

I feel for the homeowners who are shut off from their beautiful lake views from inside their home. Wow. It I'm sure would be easier if it was the dead of winter when the frozen lake looks quite inhospitable. When the winds are blowing the white around and around. But I am sure they know the sacrifice of living in a construction zone will be well worth it when it is all said and done, and they have gorgeous windows and doors to enjoy their beautiful lake vista.

I remember years ago when the Carpenter and I gutted our current home. It was dreadful. It was filthy. Old house dirt and debris. I had to keep an image in my head of the end product. I saw myself walking up to the front porch, a welcoming light was on, the porch was all white and very clean. Honestly that image got me through and helped me to keep going when it seemed like the renovation process would never end. And we've since enjoyed our little front porch ever since. It is still my favorite place to hang out!

Most times the best things take the most work. Very true here.