Up north, Modern Farmhouse and a sale.

by the Artist

I'm sitting here in northern Minnesota at a sweet little resort. It's a cold blustery cloudy day. The lake reflects the gray. Typical for our spring weather this year. I'm with my Minnesota girl in-laws for a weekend getaway. My niece and I are sitting at the table... while she catches up on homework I thought I'd write a little....

I just got back my Mac from being repaired. I am happy. It was touch and go there for awhile. But Apple came through for us! 

And speaking of Apple... while I enjoy this weekend.. the Carpenter is back home finishing up his work week at The Modern Farmhouse Project. Things are going well. They started the major lakeside renovation phase. And we have very large doors and windows in our garage being "kept safe" for this side of the house. I'm being extra careful not to drop something, push anything, or scratch anything on strict orders from the Carpenter. He knows me. I am not the most careful person. I'm clumsy and move fast. Little messes and accidents trail behind me. I confess. 

Evenings find the Carpenter painting furniture for our "A Painted Apple" sale coming this Saturday May 21, He picked up another load of goodies at our local town's "Trash to Treasure" day a few weekends ago. He loves the hunt. Hooks up one of his open bed trailers and takes off to cruise downtown White Bear Lake. So along with what we have to finish up before the sale... we now have a few more pieces we can hopefully get done in time. 

Unfortunately for the Carpenter he is now much more involved in my project then he ever intended. Figuring out how to run "chalk-paint" through his commercial paint sprayer is a huge time saver for me. And a huge time loser for him! I could not have gotten as much done as I have without his help. And the paint quality of the furniture is way better then my early hand brushed pieces. 

I will head home Sunday morning to more furniture ready for me to distress and wax. Then will spend the week preparing for the sale. Oh I hope it goes well. I hope we sell every single piece. And if it goes well I might have a fall sale. But the Carpenter doesn't want to talk about that.