Sunday note.

by the Artist

Well it's official. Our furniture sale "A Painted Apple" has been rescheduled for May 21st. Check out details and photos here.

I stopped at Hobby Lobby (my first visit to the mega craft store) to buy knobs for some of my pieces this week. I almost gasped when I saw the selection. exciting! I was even able to get the exact knobs that I had envisioned for one of the pieces. When I showed the Carpenter my "loot" he wasn't very impressed. He said... "you paid that much for one knob?" And I said.. "well it was a good deal at 50% off"!

Still no word on my ailing mac. I think we will be headed to the apple tree this week to pluck a shiny new mac off the lowest branch. I don't want a new mac. I want my old very fast rebuilt mac! I'm still hopeful that it can be saved. still.

We are taking a break from our "Painted Apple" project to start spring clean-up today. Between the spring rain and our schedule... the grass is high, the dandelions are plentiful, the gopher party huts are numerous, and the winter branches lay where they were flung. An acre of work and loveliness!

So here's to unexpected and expected life circumstances, busy weeks, plentiful work, and much needed patience to handle it all! Yes... we can do this with God's help. A Word for our Sunday and yours!