Waiting room.

by the Artist

It's been an unusual week for me. My computer experienced a potentially catastrophic episode. It's been in the "hospital" since. Touch and go. I've been out in the "waiting room" pacing. pacing. pacing. Every once and awhile I think about it and wonder how it is doing. I wonder what I will do if it flatlines. I've never been without a computer since getting my first Apple Tower. I feel lost. I am concerned about the cost of replacing a mac laptop. I am as attached to my laptop as many are to their cell phones. It is true you truly don't know how important something is until you lose it, or think you are going to lose it.

I've also been heads down working on my painted furniture project- "A Painted Apple". The Carpenter has been quite involved too. He's spending his weekends and every night after work painting. You know what that means... exhaustion. I feel bad about that. But we discovered a way to use his commercial paint sprayer to apply the "chalk paint". It's been an awesome time saver! After the Carpenter sprays a piece I can then distress, do lettering and wax the piece. We are cruising now! If only the sale was further out. How can I slow time down? Through the past few weeks I've learned tons about the whole chalk paint process. And thanks to a wonderful friend I've learned how to properly wax to create a beautiful patina.

My friends and family are coming forward to help with the day of the sale. Things are starting to come together but still too much to do. I don't know sometimes why I got myself into this. It is mega work. I hope it is worth it. I think it will be. I'd love to show a photo of my progress here but I don't have access to photoshop.. that's on my laptop. I'm using the Carpenter's laptop to write this post.

I hope and pray my computer is home with me soon. I can't do a final marketing push for my sale "A Painted Apple" without it. Even if I purchase a new computer next week. Either way a May 7th sale might have to be rescheduled. Isn't life fun?

On the construction front... we continue to be super busy at Applewood. Meeting with new customers, design consults, continuing on with our Modern Farmhouse Project, and we've spent time looking at homes to purchase with a potential customer to turn into their dream home. (Similar to Chip and Joanna Gaine's Fixer Upper).

A lot of apples nearly ripe. We just need to be patient.