Launched well.

by the Artist


We celebrated the wedding of our Lead Carpenter Adam to his fiance Katie this past weekend. It was blustery cold. The wind was relentless. Not a good day for photos. But a great day to stay inside and enjoy the moments in warmth surrounded by family and friends.

Inside away from the wind and cold the venue was beautiful. A group of us designed the woodsy theme decor for the reception. It was great to be creative in another way. I ended up designing the bridal party bouquets and corsages. That was really fun (and some work) after so many years away from my floral design days. And I have to admit.. as the bride walked past me on her way up the aisle I was looking more at how well the bouquet matched her gown then anything else. Always the designer!

And now it's hard to believe Adam, who is our nephew, is now a married man. Seems like just yesterday he was helping the Carpenter on little projects around our house. And later very big projects! He has been mentored by the Carpenter as an uncle and as a craftsman. And along the way he went to school to learn the trade too. Adam has come far. He has learned well and upholds the Carpenter's high standards for homebuilding.

It will be interesting to see how he changes, with his new responsibilities and life change. We look forward to getting to know the married Adam. 

I thought after the day was over... Adam and Katie have been launched well into their new life together. Family and friends could not have been more supportive. There could not have been more love. Now it's up to them to establish their marriage. I hope they do that well. 

I know the Carpenter is a bit on edge this week with Adam away on his honeymoon. He hardly takes vacation and is rarely sick. He's always on the job. But while Adam is away the crew will carry on. We have a loaded spring schedule so there will be plenty for Adam to do when he returns!