Painting the apple...

by the Artist

I've not been feeling like writing much since the loss of our sweet Gracie. (our 13 year old lab) But I've been keeping occupied preparing for my first painted furniture sale for our new Applewood venture.."A Painted Apple". Full days are keeping both me and the Carpenter busy which helps fill the hole in our hearts. 

I've had a vision for an Applewood *chalk painted furniture line for about 3 years. I've shared the bumpy journey now and then on this blog. I started and then stopped. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I stepped into the abyss of creativity and didn't know what direction to take. Or even if I wanted to go in any direction. I was completely overwhelmed with possibility. I don't do well with too much possibility. I like boundaries. A piece of furniture? Well it could be many colors. 

But I'm here to say that I have been spending many hours in the cabinet shop in recent weeks distressing and waxing and lettering. It's getting easier for me. slightly. I'm not quitting. The Carpenter is helping me. We discovered that my formulated chalk paint goes through his commercial paint sprayer. Huge smile. 

I said I have been lettering. I love typography. Letters. Before there were computers I would do hand lettering for my graphic design projects. I am hand lettering on some of my pieces. I love the look. I've been collecting quotes and sayings. I pick a quote according to the piece. Now the furniture feels like me. Because not everyone who chalk paints.. and there are a ton of women out there doing this very well... hand letter. By that I mean I freehand write script and roman letters with a small paint brush. It's kind of nerve wracking because I can't mess up. I get one chance.

So come May 7th... you can come see my "one chance" pieces if you live in Minnesota! And if all goes according to plan I won't have a single piece left! Watch for updates here...  

* Chalk paint is a very flat paint that you can write on with chalk.. like a chalkboard! There are many brands of chalk paint on the market. Annie Sloan being one. I create my own chalk paint using a formula of flat paint and Plaster of Paris. The advantage of painting with this type of paint is very minimal prep.. meaning you don't need to pre-sand. (You do need to sand lightly before you wax.) The prep is after because you need to seal the paint with wax after you distress the finish if you choose to do so. Done right you end up with a beautiful antique looking piece with a beautiful patina.