Our sweet snack manager.

by the Artist

We lost our sweet Snack Manager Gracie last week. She was a couple of months short of her 13th birthday. It would have been her "golden" birthday. Do dogs have golden birthdays? 

She came into our life at age 7 weeks. It was a bit of a rocky start. She was sick and we had never had a labrador puppy before. During the three weeks when I was still working full time and Gracie came to live with us... we didn't want to leave her alone all day. So she went with the Carpenter to work. I'm not so sure that was a good idea. She balked at loud sudden noises the rest of her life. But the neighborhood kids at that project loved her up.  

She was an independent dog. Not a snuggler. But she had the sweetest temperment of any dog we've owned. She loved humans and dogs. She particularly loved humans. We could trust her with anyone. She was very forgiving. One time a niece bicycled over her tail and Gracie didn't even flinch. She handled everything in stride and with dignity. She was always happy.

And that happiness lived in our home and greeted the Carpenter every evening. No matter what was going on in the business... Gracie was there offering her unconditional doggy love.

Along the way after I stepped into the marketing job for Applewood... Gracie got her own job title. Snack Manager. She loved that job. What lab wouldn't? She was our Applewood good-will ambassador. 

Now we have an open position. The Carpenter just confessed he's been researching lab puppies for a couple of years. He's ready to bring another puppy into our life. I am but I'm not. I think it's just too fresh. And it is a ton of work. And it is grief. But it is love. Life is short (and even more so now) and we only get this earthly life to share with a dog. No matter what people say, I'm not sure dogs will be in heaven. So I am considering.

Gracie has been a big part of Applewood. She will always be with us. In our hearts. That is what the Carpenter has always told me when we've lost a pet. 

So here's to the best sweetest labby girl.