Burning the midnight oil.

by the Artist

The cabinet shop (where I work on my painted furniture in preparation for my May 7th sale) is off limits right now. The Carpenter has a massive window painting project going. All of the work tables are being used. Including "my" table. My furniture is covered up and not easy to get to. So I wait. And I watch.

It's been intense prep for the new windows for the Modern Farmhouse http://www.applewoodremodelers.com/recent-projects/ Project. He is using a paint sprayer. It works great, once everything is masked off. Then it's almost like flying with a tailwind. 

So he's back to long work days right now. During the day he runs many errands, spends time project managing at the job site, and meets with potential customers in the evening (so far two meetings this week). We're also running an ad for a new carpenter so he's handling those contacts. He ends his days in the shop painting till very late. He has a plan for painting the windows here and then transporting them as they are needed to the project. This will ensure they stay nice and safe. ...

(I started this post last night with intention to finish this morning. The Carpenter told me he wrote a post late last evening ..it came into my email at 1:50 AM! It made me smile as I read it. We wrote about the exact same subjects between this post and the previous! Great minds and married a long time people do think alike!)

from the Carpenter....

Better late then never! To all those wonderful birthday wishes from you that sent them, I say a big thank you! I really just checked in to the Facebook page right now and saw them. Good thing the Artist has a FB presence because I don’t. So again, thanks, oh and remember…Bobs your Uncle! (He’s my “Unca” too)

We continue to be as busy as we have been in a long time. Still trying to balance the employee search thing. We will see what happens. In the mean time, one of my guys is still on vacation enjoying the Arizona sun, another is getting ready to get married in 3 weeks. Man, my nephew getting married….The Artist told me I was getting old earlier tonight, I guess so, but I just finished another 16 hour day. Can an old guy do that? No way!

Yep, I’m in the shop late again. We are painting all the windows for the Modern Farmhouse Project ahead of time. It is very involved to do it correctly. We have stripped off all the hardware and weather stripping that is removable. Then we masked off with tape and masking paper. Monday night I was out there till 2am, tonight 1am. Its one of those things that when you get in the zone, its hard to stop and the hours slip by and before you know it it gets late. It’s a good thing my shop is now on the property where we live. Many years ago when we had our full time cabinetmaking and furniture building business, along with the remodeling, many many nights I would be there till midnight or later and then have to drive home about 18 miles. Not fun. Now I can just walk about 40 feet to the back door.

Tonight when I wrapped up, I went to the back yard and sat on a rock wall. Even though it was dark, I could still see out into our marsh. I just sat for a few minutes taking it in. Even in winter, well almost spring now, the marsh is alive. Geese were honking on the pond island; there were a couple of coyotes out there yipping at something, and two rabbits jumped out of the pile of firewood that is waiting for me to split. I have spent hours and hours over the last 18 years just enjoying what God has given us in the beautiful property we own. Its an acre and a half of work at times, but an acre and a half of "Heaven on Earth" most of the time.

Do you know what "Peepers" are? I can’t wait to announce to the Artist some night coming up very soon….The peepers are back! You will have to ask her, and I guarantee when you do, she will smile.

The Artist... I wrote about "Peepers" in the previous post. :)