The story outside my kitchen window.

by the Artist

I looked outside my kitchen window today and it struck me... how many times I've viewed the changing seasons of a marsh from that window.

Right now it wears a coat of brown and gold with some patches of white. In just a few weeks it will start to wake up. Tiny tiny blades of grass will start poking up through last season's gold. You won't even see the green unless you look close. Awakening blade by blade, leaf by leaf.

The first sign of spring for me has always been the spring "peepers". The Carpenter always announces to me when he hears those little frogs on that first balmy spring night. My Grandfather called them "peepers". 

As the temps warm the green grows and soon enough the marsh wears a fresh coat of green. By the 4th of July the marsh grass is nearly 5 feet tall. Summer storms create swirly flatten paths of grass. Almost like the wind left footprints in the grass while we slept.

Full summer the marsh wears a mature green. It is lush. life. 

By early fall the grass has seeded, the cattails have lifted their heads high. The green starts dying back. It shortens. The marsh takes on hints of gold. The fog hangs over.

By November it wears its golden coat again. The "peepers" have started their long winter's nap.

December's snows flatten the landscape. It wears its coat of white. Pheasants fly over and the deer make their winter trails. Another cycle is complete. 

I've watched this "story" for 19 seasons. All from my kitchen window. The same kitchen window that we moved to the back of the house so I could look out the window at the beautiful marsh as I worked in the kitchen. It was worth moving the window. It was worth moving the kitchen! Well maybe the Carpenter wouldn't agree.


late winter, early spring, summer, fall and winter.