Building a Dream.

by the Artist

We made it to print! Our local community magazine wrote an article about Applewood in their March 2016 issue. I wrote about the process in an earlier blog post you can check out here. I was excited but dreading just a bit the article as we had no control over content or photos. (Once an art director always an art director) It turned out pretty well. There was one bump in the road. They got our website address wrong. Maybe that is a little more then a bump!

Here is the link to the on-line version. This link will take you to a "virtual" magazine where you can click through the entire magazine page by page. Click on March 2016 White Bear Lake Digital Edition. Or head here to read just our article. Watch for a photo of me and the Carpenter in the top photo area that slides. Our article is called "Building a Dream".

Having an article written about us was a dream.

Don't wake me up!