Bags on.

by the Artist

Off to a brand new week after a different sort of "last week". Our Lead (who is never gone) was on his honeymoon, the Carpenter had to be on site 8-5 (yes he added a new layer of tired), and the weather was not kind (no.. it was downright nasty). It sleeted, it rained, the winds blew hard off the lake, and Friday wrapped up with a nice snow squall. And this is April?

I stopped by the project site today and took the photo for this post. It was in the 30's (still) and there was a good chop on the lake. I promised I would shoot fast! Yes.. please humor the photographer!

We've got quite the eclectic crew right now. Two brothers, a songbird and a scholar. Let me explain. The brothers are our nephews. One is our Lead and the other is his younger brother who has been with us since last summer while he looks for a job in his chosen field of construction management. He has been gaining great hands on experience in the meantime.

Our "scholar" is our newest crew member. He came on about a month ago. He lives on the great Mississippi River where he enjoys exploring it's nooks and grannies. And he is working towards getting his doctorate in Geography! 

Our "songbird" is actually a long time sub. He can usually be found up on scaffolding singing classical aria's. He always has a smile on his face and keeps the crew laughing. The "scholar" said one day at lunch that the "songbird" (not how he referred to him) was the "spice" of the crew. What does spice do? Makes things flavorful and interesting. yep that's him.

So now the crew is back together and "bags on". The weather report for the week is a definite warming trend, (oh please!) and the Carpenter can take a step back (I'm hopeful). 

The photo of the crew is minus our "songbird"!