Bitter and stucco.

by the Artist

It's been a bitter week. Cold. Wind. Icy sun. And of course our crew is outside! The Carpenter has a temperature no work cut-off of -25 degrees below zero. We haven't hit that wind chill this week but I'm betting it's been darn near close! 

Our crew has put in full days despite the cold on our latest project the "Modern Farmhouse". It's been a busy week starting with exterior stucco removal. I stopped by one day and was surprised to see how neatly it is removed. They were sawing out a grid pattern and prying the sections off. I was told that is to protect the material below the stucco. You don't want to just wack away at it! It's demo but it's dignified demo! I can hear the Carpenter laughing now!

Already this first week a dumpster of stucco was taken away (here's a little fact- you can't rent a large dumpster to dispose of stucco.. only the smallest size because of how heavy the load would be if a large dumpster was used). Just removing that material has made a world of difference to the look of the home. For the size of the project it was decided that a once a week meeting with the Carpenter and the homeowners was in order. A good face-to-face time to discuss the progress of the project, voice any concerns and address any questions. I think this is a good idea. Once a project gets going, there is a lot of commotion, momentum, noise, equipment, people. It helps to stop and be in the moment and take stock.

Despite what Mother Nature threw our way.. we're off to a good start! And after months and years of planning for the homeowners and more recently us... it's a fine place to be!