A white start.

by the Artist

We started a project yesterday that was a year in the making. We dreamed about this project, anticipated this project and worked hard for this project. We were ready to go. Plans finalized, budget settled, inspections made, engineers made happy, dumpster and windows ordered. The stars were perfectly lined up. As close to perfect as possible.

Mother Nature had other plans. Blizzard. Yep.. it snowed and snowed and snowed the day before the official start. Our first storm of the season. The Carpenter was tense. Not only was he starting a significant project.. but it was snowing sled dogs. He kept staring out the window as the wind and snow blustered by at a severe slant.

Not only did he have to make a decision about when and if to start... but now had the added task to get the job site cleared before the crew could start. He always clears the snow off his sites.. that is very important to him. But... first he had to get on the tractor and clear out Applewood headquarters. So late into the evening he pushed and scooped white and worried. 

But like the mailman.. not much stops the Applewood crew or the Carpenter. At 9 AM the project started! Shovels and snowblower in hand the crew removed the snow and started demo. 

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