Circling back.

by the Artist

I seem to be on a white theme these days. Snow and now the resurgence of white in home design. 18 years ago when we renovated our home I embraced white. It seemed appropriate for an East Coast style Cape Cod. We picked white siding and I painted the entire interior "Floral White". That was a lot of white. But it was so refreshing after looking at a dark brown exterior, gray gutted interior and most of all.. old house dirt and debris. It was one dirty dirty project.

We moved into our "brand new to us" pristinely white home. Not only were the walls white but all the doors, millwork and cabinetry and countertops wore white. It was a good choice till I got bit by the color bug. It was a nasty color bug because it left me weakened with the inability to make a single color decision. We had paint swatches of color all over the house. I think I had the Carpenter buy 10 cans of "gold" for the living room alone. I could not decide exactly which gold would be the perfect gold. And it had to be perfect. 

I got bit by that pesky bug at my friend's beautiful new home. She painted it in rich bold colors. Stepping into her home was like stepping into a bowl of Beef Bourguignon. My house was like stepping into a bowl of whipped cream. 

My main stumbling block to making a decision was my very own color rule. Colors are either gray based (rich yet subdued with a hint of gray) or clear based (pure bright color). You could not mix gray based and bright colors in one palatte. (this was my rule at the time) Which did I want? Which would be best for my little Cape Cod? Oh it was awful. Indecision is awful. It's like you just can't pull yourself out of the indecision pit. It has slippery walls and no ladder.

Eventually I broke through and chose a yellow for the kitchen. It was intense. I remember walking outside and looking in the window and thinking as the Carpenter was up on a ladder slaving away... okay that is just a might too too yellow. I lived with it. Never loved it. Add here... that poor long suffering carpenter.

Then I painted the kitchen a historical color cream. Ben Moore Waterbury Cream. Toned down that intense yellow. Better.

Then we moved out to live in one of the spec homes we built to stage it in hopes of finding a buyer. (BTW I was able to pick out the entire spec homes interior color palette in about 15 minutes!) During the time we lived at the spec home we painted the Cape the exact same color palette. It wasn't my first choice but I had to make a decision.

A year ago we were at the Carpenter's cousin's house. His wife has a great sense of design. She painted her living room pure white. I remember thinking... wow white. Why would she paint a room white? A year later... I get it. She was ahead of the trend. She was on point. And she knew to balance her white rooms with rooms of rich bold color. 

I've come full circle. They say what goes around comes around. Well white has returned. But it's an improved version of white. I've been highly influenced by the designer and HGTV host Joanna Gaines style Just take a look and you will understand.

I'm redoing my home to embrace this new white. After the wedding flowers I'm doing for my nephew's upcoming spring wedding, after my furniture sale


And I do love whipping cream.