Cross that off your list!

by the Artist


I've had a super busy week. Who hasn't you say. I have done color consults for two of our projects. One a kitchen project (Deerhills Drive- we completed early fall. This was my second consult. The original gray we chose was just too blue. Sometimes you just have to live with a color for awhile. We offer design assistance as part of the project. And even if the project is long finished.. if the color doesn't work, we make it right. 

The second consult was for a current project- Floral Drive. We are helping to finish a number of interior renovation projects, that were never completed.

This was my first time at the project. I met one of the homeowners. She has been living with unfinished projects for quite some time. A number of factors have contributed to the situation. I felt her frustration. She just wants it to be done. It didn't start with us.. but we need to be sensitive to the situation and do our best to move quickly and as quietly as possible. The kitchen is completely unusable, the ceilings had to be scraped, the sheetrock work finished, walls painted, wood floors installed. With sheetrock taping and mud, the house is closed up and humid, and there of course is dust. 

Remodeling is stressful. Even if you know you are getting the kitchen of your dreams. Or the bath worthy of a King and Queen. If you live in the house during the remodel you will live with mess and stress. We want to be sensitive to that. Today made me aware of that again. We are working in a private home. 

Getting back to the consult.. the homeowner had great samples for me to look at. New chair material, a new area rug, a countertop sample, even a floor plan of the project! That was so helpful. The Carpenter brought the chosen flooring with two stain samples. We were able to choose wall colors, and even talked about window treatments. I hope that helped the homeowner. She was able to cross some more decisions off her list! And that brings her that much closer to living in a beautiful completed space!