A weekend project.

by the Artist

The Carpenter spent time in the cabinet shop this past weekend creating custom craftsman brackets for our Bridge St project. I took photos and videos. Will share photos here of the creation of one of the side bracket sections. When complete the bracket will finish the gable end of the garage peak. It will have a "post and beam" look which is the finish detail the homeowners picked from the ideas we submitted.

I asked the Carpenter why he had to spend his weekend working. I said... "well couldn't you have spent less time supervising on the job site and some time here in the shop during business hours?" He said "no." He is always on the job sites. It's his "MO". (I ended up hanging out with him for awhile... taking photos and cleaning the shop.. if you can't beat 'em.. join 'em!)

I know he enjoys getting into the shop and doing some custom work.. and so that is why I found him there. I asked if he could have "ordered" the bracket detail. He said..."yes.. custom woodworking shops could have created what he needed from his design". But this would be a good way to keep project costs down and have an opportunity to be creative.

I did pick out some smaller brackets from a catalog for another area of the house that I'm hoping the homeowners will order to complete the design elements of the renovation. That would make this designer happy! 

I won't be able to get final photos (we will show the unpainted bracket finished in position via our Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.924098774343969.1073741922.342655239154995&type=3 which is being installed this week) till spring because the brackets and front door need to be painted to complete. Always hurry up then wait!

And last... I didn't get photos of the Carpenter creating the "pattern" for this side bracket. That in itself was quite the process. Including showing to scale how the final bracket would look to the homeowners.

This was the first time I have witnessed how a curved bracket is made. How do you "bend" wood? Now I know!


The little sketch in the gallery is mine which we submitted with other architectural detail ideas during the bid process. It shows my concept of the craftsman bracket on the garage gable peak.