Capture the present.

by the Artist

The Carpenter took the day off. It is New Year's Day. He made plans to meet four of our Minnesota nieces for coffee at his favorite coffee place.

This has become somewhat of a tradition for him. He realizes that time is speeding by and soon the girls will leave their nests- start careers, marry and have families of their own. He has always enjoyed their company and loves them dearly. He knows the value of capturing the present and noticing the details. 

Just like on the job sites. He notices the details. To a fault. Nothing gets past him. I'm sure that can be bothersome to our crew at times! 

As we enter our 35th year of business our basket is full. We've had an abundant fall and the new year looks even more promising. A lot of exciting things are going to be happening which I will share soon.

In the meantime we will continue to be mindful of the present, notice the details and enjoy our family, friends and customers!

Oh and if you need someone to look out for the details... you know where to find that guy.

Happy New Year!

Some moments with our Minnesota nieces...