by the Artist


On the occasion of one of our crew member's birthday yesterday... I thought I'd write something about Andrew our "Assistant Carpenter".

He is a younger brother of our Lead Carpenter Adam. He graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead last May with a degree in Construction Management. (this construction thing seems to run in the family.. the Carpenter's youngest brother is a carpenter too!) While he searches for his first position he's been gaining hand's on experience in the construction field with us.

We are happy to have him for awhile. He's sweet and always has a smile ready to share. He's easy going and a quick learner. He gets along well with his "co-workers", and our homeowners. In fact one day I was at the job site and met the homeowner and her grandchild. The little guy was just coming in from a ride in the car, all nestled in his car seat. As we stood there chatting I noticed that the little guy was staring with a raptured look at something past my shoulder. I turned to see what he was looking at... there behind me stood Andrew... grinning right back! That kind of says it all!

I am so thankful that our crew is kind and conducts themselves well on our projects. This is priceless in this day of rude social manners and customer service. 

The company where Andrew lands will be blessed to have him. In the meantime we'll keep him as long as we can. 

PS I shot this photo of Andrew cleaning up from sheetrock "mudding" (as I call it) last week on one of our projects. He is learning the business from the bucket up!