Okay this just a test shot....

by the Artist

We had a photo shoot in our home yesterday. Our local "White Bear Lake" magazine http://whitebearlakemag.com/ is producing a "Home" edition for it's March release, and Applewood is one of the featured builders! We are excited for this opportunity to be introduced to our community!

This all came about in a most "interesting" way. I made a decision to contact the editor one day. I regularly read the magazine and I've seen our local builders featured. The thought came to me... I think "our story" would be as interesting as any other builder's story and experience. I placed the magazine by my computer and stuck a "Post-it" note on it that said.."contact this editor". I then got busy not sending the email.

A couple of weeks later... the editor contacted me! She found our website and liked the "Carpenter and the Artist" angle. So here we are! We sat down one cold morning at our local Caribou with a young writer for the interview. The magazine then "vetted" our story. An Art Director asked for additional photos of some of our projects. And then yesterday.. a formal shoot.

I was a bundle of nerves. I ran around prior to the shoot looking for "props" for our home to spruce it up. (don't ever wait till the last minute to do this) I bought some new clothes.. we had to look "seasonally" correct. I sent the photographer photos of our living room so he could see what he had to work with. I couldn't help myself... I've been on many shoots as an Art Director. I know too much! ;)

The shoot went well. Joel the photographer brought Sarah an Associate Art Director whose presence helped me calm down. She could be "me" since I couldn't see how we were looking. I hope they didn't think I was a pain... I tucked my camera out of sight and grabbed it when I could to capture the moment. And at the end shot a couple of pics of me and the Carpenter... just because we were looking so spiffy.

Now when the month of March arrives.. not only will we celebrate the Carpenter's birthday and the end of winter.. but also the release of the Home edition of White Bear Lake magazine! 

We look forward to sharing our story.