Building a vacation

by the Artist


Going, going, gone. Back.

We were gone last week "building a vacation." And that about says it all. I commented that camping is the equivalent of recreating your home environment outside. You bring your bed, table, clothes, food, furniture (to sit on under the blue sky and by firelight), and if you are so lucky… your toilet, sink, and "HVAC".. (for you Mr Carpenter.) 

You work like a dog to pack it all away, kick the camper tires, check to make sure when you turn the lights on in the truck, that like dominoes... they are on all the way back to the boat. We then pray that we will arrive in a timely manner with the wagon train in tack. Fingers crossed that all 10 tires stay nicely inflated, and that the boat doesn't decide to turn left when we take a right. 

And added to the fun for this year.. a severe summer storm on the eve of departure. No electricity, roof, tree and sunflower damage which had the Carpenter pounding some nails that morning. And bless his heart… he helped me prop up all my sunflowers that decided to fall flat on their faces during the storm.

Upon arrival we circled the wagon train and spent yet another three hours (we have a "vintage" camper which is quite fussy) setting up our "outdoor for a week home". It's hot, and we're already maxed out tired from the pack-up and drive. Are we relaxing yet? 

This year has made me really think about what we have to "build" to enjoy some time away. I do believe some changes need to be made. Because as much as we love to "build"… we really don't want to work so hard for vacation. And I'm sure for those of you who do not like to camp… you would whole heartedly agree!

So here's to building… anything but vacations!