by the Artist

Full on summer is here. We are through the 4th and soon to head on our annual family camping trip. As I review yet one more list… my mind spins with all that still needs to be done. Why do we camp? That's a very good question. 

Camping is massive prep on the front end and massive set up upon arrival. Then we crash and relax to recover. We work so hard during the year.. perhaps we need to take a cruise or stay in a beautiful resort with spas and gourmet meals.. with a staff ready to take care of all our needs. 

That's not really our style. The Carpenter and I love lakes. We love sitting by a lake, fishing on the lake, swimming in the lake, listening to the lake creatures… loons calling as they fly over. The smell of campfires, water lapping against our boat. And it's really appealing to us to do nothing unless we want to do something. To just chill. Get off the hamster wheel for a few days and contemplate. Or maybe not.

We don't like to think about the business when we are gone. And that's a good thing. We've been very busy this summer with many projects. We are starting a screened porch project the end of the month which will be fun to do. The last screened porch we built in the dead of winter. 

So we look forward to the relaxing part and returning hopefully relaxed and rested… that is the plan!