by the Artist

It's been a busy week of "littles". A little bit of this. A little bit of that. And it's only Tuesday.

Our lead carpenter is out in the cabinet shop right now finishing up staining and varnishing for a window replacement project we are doing tomorrow. We've also been completing a couple of smaller projects, had plumbing and final inspections yesterday, and repaired two of our vehicles. One vehicle we've had only two weeks. Ouch!

I've been finishing up drawings for an exterior renovation bid. I'm pretty much done, just need to do some refinements. As I was working yesterday I thought about how as a child I would sit in front of our chalk board in the kitchen drawing apartment buildings (because they have many windows)… so I could draw all different types of window treatments! I spent hours sitting on the red metal stool drawing shades with those strings– that had a ring on the end– at different levels of open. I drew tiebacks and straight drapery panels. Surely I was a budding interior designer!

That little girl grew up and now does sketches of ideas to improve a home's exterior- curb appeal. I still get to "draw" and do what I love and help the Carpenter at the same time. 

Just a little bit of "little" to share with you today!