by the Artist

Today we start a large kitchen remodel. It's been months in the planning. Initial meetings, design decisions, kitchen cabinets ordered, floor and backsplash tile chosen. Lots of details had to be ironed out before demo can begin.

We start demo by removing all base trim, pry off the countertops, remove the cabinet bases and uppers and pull up the vinyl floor. In this situation we are only removing one small wall. And I should say.. before we start any project we block off the area being remodeled from the rest of the house with plastic. We take every precaution to keep the home as dust free as possible during the process. But some dust does still sneak out.. especially if a furnace or ac is running.

So here's to demo day! It's been a long time coming but is finally here. I know the homeowners are looking forward to eating their first meal in their brand new lovely kitchen! Here's to dreams that do come true!