Shoot day.

by the Artist

The Saturday before our new website went live.. we headed to a friends farm to shoot photos for our new website. We had quite the entourage with us including two photogs- Becca and Athena, our lead carpenter Adam, his fiancé Katie, 6 dogs, 2 horses, Laura my friend who owns "Heaven on Earth" farm, a few chickens and Henry the cat. 

The weather was perfect- sunny, light breeze, cool temps. We couldn't have asked for more then that! It truly felt like heaven on earth for me.. this New Jersey suburban farm girl! If I wasn't in charge of the whole darn shoot I would have been very happy. But.. the responsibility of bringing so many people together on a Saturday morning, and getting website worthy photos weighed heavily on me. And being an Art Director who normally is standing behind the photographer dancing a jig to relax the subject.. I had no idea how I was going to "style" the Carpenter and me without "seeing" us.

Well I had nothing to worry about. The shoot areas we chose were perfect, we got a ton of photos which produced some wonderful pics! Yes… in hindsight there were a few things I would have changed… I wish I had bought that dress I saw before the shoot, and I wish I had been more relaxed. But I truly have no regrets. It was a great day. We are blessed!

Below are some photos that I thought you would enjoy from our day.