Brand new apple!

by the Artist

As I write this.. I'm almost giddy. Four months ago I started down the path to creating a new website for Applewood. I designed our original site with the help of a friend who translated my design into a Wordpress website for me. I had no idea what I was getting into. I am a "print" designer. Everything I work on ends up being spit out the front end of a large press. I love the smell of ink.

Three years ago I approached the design of the site from my experience. It was a tough deal for my web friend to experience. I expected the same degree of control that you get with print. Ha. 

Here I am four months down the road with this brand new site. I found a company that gave me the ability to build a whole site without cracking code. But I was terrified to try this. I procrastinated starting for months. But one cold day in January I started. I could not have done this without the wonderful customer service peeps at Squarespace. They were infinitely patient and exceedingly fast in their response to my questions.

This as a designer is the biggest accomplishment in my career. I had to push through many mental road blocks and fight wanting to collapse in a puddle of despair. I just kept soldiering on. And one day.. it all clicked. All those little bits of info came together and I started connecting the dots. It made sense.

Why am I sharing this with you? It doesn't have a darn thing to do with homebuilding. But it does have to do with owning a small business. And we strive to be transparent here and show you the real deal. And well.. I did "build" something right?

Why did we change the site? Number one.. I wanted to be able to control the site, change it up as needed to keep it fresh, I needed to release my friend from those frantic phone calls "help! the site contact page is down!". We also needed the site to be device friendly. And last… I just wanted a better site for you the visitor. 

Our old blog (which we've had for three years with over 21,000 views) can still be viewed via the link on the right side panel on this page. I did not want to attempt to bring in over 300 posts!

Thank you for following this blog. We've enjoyed writing for you. We will continue to share our build life one post at a time. 

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