Here to help.

by the Artist

The end of last week the Carpenter and I met with customers whom we are doing a kitchen remodel for, at our local tile shop to assist in picking floor and backsplash tile. They brought along a sample of their countertop and a floor tile sample they had found previously. 

Before heading to the store we met first at their home, so I could meet the homeowners for the first time and get a feel for their "style". We looked at the floor and countertop tile samples they had already, and discussed what their design goals were for their kitchen. I also looked at some magazine kitchen samples the homeowner had found. We also talked about the foyer flooring that connects with the kitchen and how to "marry" the two floors, keeping in mind that the foyer floor will be replaced in the future.

On route to the store.. I was studying the chosen countertop sample and decided on a color to look for based on that– a different color then the homeowners had picked. They liked their first pick but were concerned it matched too closely to the old foyer tile.

Once in the store I knew exactly what I wanted and we found a handsome warm gray textured tile quickly. It is made up of random widths of mostly vertical pieces with one large more square area. (If you haven't been to a tile store lately.. you've got to go see the beautiful faux wood tiles and the new monochromatic what I call textured plank tiles. So beautiful!)

We then found a gorgeous glass subway tile in a warm brown with olive undertones. Again picking up a vein of color in the "chosen" countertop sample. We then picked grout color for the floor and subway tiles and we were good to go! The last item to check off needing my help will be the wall color.  

When we were setting the order up, (the Carpenter till needs to measure and order quantities).. I noticed that the homeowners were excited about the choices and how it all came together. They seemed relieved. Seeing that made me very happy. When I help with design decisions.. I want the customer to feel what I'm feeling, to be excited about their project. I also am relieved myself that I was able to successfully assist them. 

The homeowners said more then once.. "we just get so overwhelmed with what to choose". It's scary because you don't know what it will look like till you see it finished. So there definitely has to be a trust factor between a homeowner and the designer. You see that played out all the time on HGTV.

You too can get my design assistance if you sign on a project with Applewood. It is included in the project proposal. No need to feel overwhelmed during a project. Yes there are many decisions to be made. We can help lessen the pressure to make the right choices.