Boughs and bows.

by the Artist


Our cabinet shop was taken over this past weekend. The Carpenter graciously gave up the shop for our sister-in-law's "Holiday Greens Party". From Friday night to Sunday night groups of women came to create sweet holiday greens arrangements. Fresh spruce and white pine and all sorts of specialty greens were supplied, as well as festive picks of berries, swirly sticks and yards of glittery ribbon. The women brought their favorite containers and baskets.

Arrangements were made from tiny vases to large outside urns. It was fun to see how much joy the women got out of having an opportunity to be creative in the mysterious area of floral design.

Leading up to this event we spent hours cleaning the shop. Sweeping and wiping and vacuuming tons of saw dust. Shelves that had not been cleaned in 17 years were cleaned. We polished and shined and strung up Christmas lights. (even the deer antlers hung high on the wall got in the spirit) Afterwards, when I walked into the shop it was the first time it smelled clean. ever. I want to keep it that way. An unrealistic goal?

With our new employee newly onboard... I decided with the freshly cleaned shop it would be a great time to establish some shop rules. Now that I share the space for my painted furniture venture... "A Painted Apple"... I need it to be as clean as possible. So some clean rules will come in handy. yep.

The Carpenter ended up not only contributing his space but helping with the party. He cut tons of spruce and white pine, lugged water jugs (no water in the shop) and helped women carry their arrangements. He was a super help. The first night I noticed he had sat down and was enjoying watching all the action. He was amazed at the event and how much work was done to create it and how much the women were enjoying it. He ended up helping the whole weekend!

So it looks like the cabinet shop will now be wearing multiple hats- cabinet shop, floral workshop and painted furniture workshop. Not bad use of a relatively small space!

If you would like to be a part of this event for next year... just contact me through this website and we will put you on the email list to receive the invitation.

Now on to the shop rules...