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by the Artist

I stopped at the Bridge St exterior reno today. I had mentioned that I might stop to the Carpenter and he always then looks forward to my visit. It is a miserable rainy snowy sleety day. I felt bad seeing the crew working under such wet conditions. They couldn't wear gloves because they would just get wet right away. Adam kept blowing on his hands to warm up. 

The only reason they were able to work is because they were on the front walk way under a roof. But their table saws had to sit out in the elements covered up with tarps between cuts. I know the Carpenter felt bad but it had to be with a number of lost days to due to rain this month. Plus they are on the home stretch of the project. So bags on!

When I walked up to greet the newest crew member I said... "it's days like this that no one would want your job... but it's on beautiful days that everyone wants your job". Jason gave me a big smile and said he didn't mind the weather... was just happy for the work!

I asked Adam what he prefers to work in.. rain or snow. He said hands down.. snow. Because unless it's a wet heavy snow... rain is wetter then snow! crazy.

As long as I was there I walked around and shot some pics. As I pulled away I wished I had thought to bring some warm coffee or cocoa. All in a days work for our crew!