by the Artist

I've been noodling on what to write. We're finishing up our large exterior remodel... the Carpenter has been busy working on bids. The weather has been gray and gloomy. No white or real cold yet. We are thankful .. except along with the warmer temps comes rain. And that stops work.

I've been busy gathering gifts to mail to my east coast family. Should have been in the mail by now. I'm not thinking about that! I've decided this year not to fret over anything. There is too much pressure right now. How can a person be merry? I'm working on that.

There is one thing other then gifts I put effort into this time of the year. Decorating. Along with not fretting I've decided to keep it simple. And also to ban red. My sister-in-law says my decorations resemble the movie "Frozen". Hmmm. 

I can't help that I love navy blue. This love affair with blue started when we built the "Blue House" in downtown White Bear Lake. That first year I declared "I'm embracing blue"! and have loved it ever since.

This year I bought some beautiful stripped ribbon in navy and white which matches my porch pillows. I thought I was finished decorating but I kept messing around with my front porch. Just hasn't felt right. Till today.

I decided to drive through our old neighborhood where we used to live in the "Blue House." I just love the eclectic cozy homes there. I always admire one home. The homeowner does a lovely job with her decor. Christmas is no exception. It's cozy and artistic and welcoming. She always has a wicker chair by her front door with greenery and candles nestled around.

That's it! I knew just how I was going to finish my front porch! I had "trash picked" an old wicker chair which has been sitting out in the shop. It needs a new seat. It looks like it's from the 1930's. I had planned to paint it navy. 

Well it's now sitting by my front door. Nestled in with candles and a basket of greenery and one of my navy and white porch pillows. Brilliant. I am so happy. I can't help myself. It just gives me a thrill to create a pleasing display. For me.

Oh and that trash picked wicker chair?? It's red. I guess I can break my own rules!