The beginning of a new era (actually continuing the journey)

by the Carpenter

Yeah, you know the journey I’m talking about. The journey I have written about so many times. Yep, the one I have said it's time to pull back and let the employees carry more of the load.

We have been fortunate to have finally hired again, what’s the saying?  Fourth ones the charm?? Or something like that. 

We have great hope that Jason is the fit we have been looking for. He seems compatible with Adam. He comes with experience yet not arrogance, and he is very eager to learn. A cool aspect of him is he is from Hayward Wisconsin, and as you know Hayward is a very favorite area of ours. He does come with one serious flaw however… he is not a coffee drinker!!! I told him he has two weeks to convert or it’s down the road! ;) Hey, I have converted five of my ten Minnesota nieces and nephews, there is a chance! Hahahaha.

Onto projects of the day..

Keep following us and hopefully we will be talking about a really cool job we are currently pricing. It started almost a year ago. The customers went through a real transformation in the process of talking to a couple of contractors, trying to decide on design, and trying to stay on a budget that worked with them. It got very overwhelming and it was put on hold for the summer.

They re-grouped and re-focused and we are one of the contractors they have called back to table. Needless to say I feel very fortunate to have the possibility to be involved again. It is an exciting prospect. One of those that I have always said I love. A project that takes a creative mind, and has the potential challenge of tackling a few unknowns (but what job doesn’t have those). When it is completed (no matter who does it) the build process will totally transform their home into a place they will be able to live in and love for a very long time. 

As Thanksgiving has passed already, I want to thank each and every one of our customers that we have had in 2015, and also those that gave us a chance to win them as a customer. It is very important that everyone knows it does not go un-noticed. Thank you.