Bing and our first white!

by the Artist

The Carpenter spent Thanksgiving under the weather. That's how he's rolled these past few years. Go Go Go. Stop! Well today the weather is over us! We had our first snowfall overnight and it has stopped work for today. (here we go!) We thought we could beat the white and get the Bridge St job site picked up this AM before things got buried. We lost the race. Now that means that if temps don't warm up before completion of the project.. we will have to go back and do clean-up as soon as the snow melts. 

We brought on a new crew member last week! We are excited to have Jason on board. We've waited a very long time to find him. We hope he enjoys working with our crew and Applewood. The Carpenter is excited to be able to put down his tools and concentrate more on project management. Maybe now he can Go Go Go. Relax!  

It is supposed to start snowing again today. Usually when they forecast that.. it doesn't happen. I'm hoping for that as we need to shovel out Applewood headquarters.

With our first snow it seemed just the right time to decorate the website home page for Christmas today. I added music for the first time! Of course it would be Bing singing "I'll be home for Christmas".