Around the table.

the Artist

A recent quiet Friday eve the Carpenter and I stopped to visit the Carpenter's parents at their home. We sat down at their table and enjoyed a cup of coffee and some treats. It was just the four of us. We ended up sitting there for over two hours chatting about a number of things. Reminiscing about the past, laughing about silly things and sharing our life happenings.

I realized that for 38 years I had sat at that very same table many times, more times then I can count. From the time I was a young girl dating their son, and then a very shy young bride. I lived so far (and still do) from my family and the Carpenter's family became my family. 

So much has happened since those days, so much has been shared, so much life lived. So much laughter and love. It is a comforting place to be. I can sit down and forget about the worries of life for that short time. 

The people sitting around that table have changed. We've all gotten older, the kids have grown up, and now are marrying and will bring new life to the table.

And for most of those 38 years a cell phone was not seen. We looked each other in the eye. We were and are present with each other. The Carpenter and I are hosting Christmas this year at our home. I'm tempted to put a cell phone basket by the door (which will make me not a very popular Auntie), so that everyone can be present with loved ones for just a few hours. After all… nothing stays the same. We only have this moment for sure. So we should make the most of it right? Be present. Be interested. Appreciate. Love. 

So tomorrow when you gather around a table for Thanksgiving.. wherever you are… look around you and take it all in. Be present. And be thankful for the home you have been invited to and the table you will share.