A ray of happy.

by the Artist

Last night the Carpenter and I stopped for a bite to eat after the Snack Manager's chiropractic appointment. The Carpenter wanted a "pot pie" which he had enjoyed during a previous visit. I am a reluctant restaurant person. I've had more bad food then not. I am a restaurant elitist. My motto.. why would I pay for food I could make better at home? But as reluctant as usual I followed the Carpenter in his pursuit of the great pot pie with a very sad face.

We entered the quiet restaurant (to me a sure sign of bad food). I wanted to turn and head back out the door! We were seated in a very quiet area with messy next door neighbors. I just wanted to be home where I could enjoy my own homemade chili waiting for me. My face got sadder.

We were greeted by a very busy waiter. He smiled and said… "oh I'm sorry but we are all out of pot pies! You need to come earlier during weather like this." The Carpenter was crushed but got over it as the waiter beamed at us. He was very happy.

During the course of our meal I watched him race from table to table, smiling and giggling (yes he had a cute giggle and it wasn't weird). He just exuded energy. I could see how the other diners were connecting with him. When he was asked for a take home box… he ran to get the box! 

What a work ethic he had! What happiness he spread. The room had many televisions hung on the walls… the news was all Paris. So much sadness. Yet in the midst of a sad week, in a chain.. not hip restaurant… there was this "ray of happy." This guy was doing his job. Not a fancy or corporate job, or a sales job or a job where he made a ton of money or would get awards or accolade. He was doing the best job he could do with the best attitude. I wanted to hire him on the spot! What a rare gem. He was the picture of a servant. He truly seemed to enjoy serving those around him. We could all learn from that one happy guy. 

His name was "Emmanuel." I'm not kidding.

When we went to pay… the Carpenter spoke to the Manager who was at the register… he complimented him about Emmanuel. The Manager said… "yes he gets great reports all the time about him." The Carpenter said.. "well he's a keeper."

So I am saying this for myself as well as anyone who is reading this post… be the best you can be wherever you work, wherever you are. It matters. People see. Give a smile, say a kind word, don't complain or slack off. Be your best. Every.single.day.

I walked out of that restaurant a different person. I felt happy. Thank you Emmanuel. And oh btw… I had a really good meal!