Rain rain go away...

by the Artist


come again another day. I mean that. And you too "Mr White". Stay away at least until Christmas Eve. Then you are welcome here for one month. That's it. 

We've had sodden skies and mud all week. We've managed to keep busy between rain drops, finishing up a small bath remodel– doing a knockdown ceiling, building the vanity, finishing tile work.

I'm not sure where the crew is currently. They did head back to our Bridge Street exterior reno early this AM when the sun made a very brief appearance, but the rain has picked up again. Harder to work in rain then snow with power tools, let alone the misery factor. Our guys are tough though… used to working in all kinds of weather.

Tonight we head to the doggie chiropractor. Our "Snack Manager"s crazy habit of jumping off stairs and more recently falling down stairs has finally caught up with her. She now suffers with a bad back and has added to her misery by tearing her ACL. It is hard to see. She's been on a ton of meds and in an attempt to cut down on those… we are hoping the adjustments and massages will help. She is 12 years old. Our goal is quality of life for her as long as possible.

Last weekend the Carpenter continued his firewood project. Hauled two oak trees off a customer's property they no longer wanted. We also had a huge Box Elder tree (a trashy marsh tree) removed from behind our garage. It was massive. I ended up joining him where we cleared and hauled and swept mountains of saw dust and debris. I thought.. what a way to spend a Saturday night! Comes with the territory some days. I hate to see the Carpenter beat himself up with such physical work. I wish I were stronger to help carry his loads. I do what I can. 

The other night the Carpenter told me about a conversation he had with one of the White Bear Lake building inspectors. That inspector told him that if he could, he and the other inspectors would recommend Applewood to the homeowners in the community. The Carpenter has always maintained great relationships with inspectors and is well respected because of how he handles himself on the job. And … he has never failed an inspection either in 30+ years. He would not tell you this.. but I will! 

This post has ended up being a little of this and that. Well that's the kind of week it has been. Hope your week has been a good one!