Wishing upon a star...

by the Artist

Such busy days. I know.. I write about this a lot. But it's true. For both of us. The Carpenter continues to put in 12 hour days- 60 hour weeks. I'm being conservative with those numbers. Owning a small construction company and needing and not finding additional excellent crew members for the past three years has taken it's toll. But there is a light at the end of this tunnel! We have a new crew member starting very soon. 

Hang on Mr Carpenter! Hang on.

Because the Carpenter has had to continue to do on-site project management, order/pick up supplies, put out fires, and have his "bags on", he spends most evenings catching up on paperwork, meeting with prospective homeowners, setting up meetings, and in the case of one evening this week… build a bath vanity for one of our current projects. 

I came home at 9 PM and he was out in the shop building with music blaring (thank goodness our neighbors aren't close!), building the vanity from scratch. He could do this in his sleep I know. He worked till 1 AM, came in to catch some sleep till 6 AM. Headed back out to the shop to prepare for an 8 AM delivery. 

I know I've written about this before… but for those who haven't read that post.. back in the mid 1990's we rented a large commercial space in North St Paul Minnesota. It had a showroom (which showed our custom furniture and cabinet work) and a huge work space as well as office. The Carpenter spent many late nights there alone working. I'd wake up at 2 or 3 AM and he would still not be home. We lived in Woodbury at the time which was a good 30 minute drive to the shop. I am glad he is just outside our back door now. I can at least look out the window and see the shop light on...

I look forward to when he can project manage, build custom cabinets (during daylight), and not have to pick up a hammer on site.. (unless he wants to.) I myself enjoyed a job where I didn't do the design.. I directed the peeps who created the design. I wish this for the Carpenter. I'm going to wish upon a star tonight. And say a prayer!