Wax on!

by the Artist

We've had a beautiful fall for working outside. Upper 60's, no wind and mostly full of sun. Perfect for one of our current projects- an exterior renovation. Would be so great if this weather held till Christmas! Fingers crossed.

We've had a busy summer and fall and believe it will continue well into the snowy months. I'm hoping we get a nice inside project for the crew to stay out of the bitter. Hasn't happened much in recent years. 

I've been busy painting my little accumulated pile of furniture out in the shop. There's been a bit of a learning curve for me. Seems like it should be easy to paint furniture. But I'm using "chalk paint" which in application is different then latex. Because the paint is "chalky" when applied.. it needs to be sealed. With a "little brush." It hasn't been easy. Surprise!

I returned to the only "Annie Sloan stockist" store http://www.mamashappy.com in this end of the cities to buy more clear wax and brushes. I viewed a video on the merits of using a very very expensive wax brush (the professional painter in this house was aghast) as opposed to a clean cotton tee shirt. I bought two. One for the dark wax too. (someone is threatening to take the unopened brush back)

The next day I started waxing with the special brush. It didn't go well. I couldn't get a good rhythm going. Too thin, too thick. With little bits of wax here and there. So here I go again.. two steps back!! 

Thinking maybe the wax was too cold- we keep the shop pretty cool unless working in there- I placed the can in front of our wood stove to heat it up. The fire went out.. and I never got back out to the shop to face my waxy foe.

I've since cleaned the brush. With dish soap. Today I will try again. One of those pricey brushes might be heading back to the store. But sssshhhh don't tell the Carpenter that!

Now for the news for those that have been following this blog… I have decided to postpone "The Painted Apple" sale till spring. I don't want to wait that long and the Carpenter certainly doesn't. BUT… I don't want to rush the process. I want a nice variety and good price points, I'm honing my painting skills and ability to visualize a piece before I start.. the best color, hardware. I want each piece to be a story. That takes time.

So I look forward to painting as the snow falls lightly outside the shop window. I will play some good music and count my blessings for the opportunity to take this on. That's what dreams are made of right?.

So stay tuned if you care. I will update my progress get the word out in time for the sale.