Battery heated coat?

by the Carpenter

Another dry spell from the blog….. These months just keep flying by.

Help, we need a carpenter! That’s the main reason I have not written much, there is just too much to do.

We have been in a stretch of many months now looking for help. We have been interviewing a few; none have had what we are looking for. Sometimes I think I may be too fussy, I don’t know, maybe.

It is funny how the job search works these days. We put out an ad that asks for a carpenter with at least 5 years experience in residential remodeling. We get responses from 40 to 50 year olds looking for a career change with no carpentry experience at all, to guys with a lot of experience looking for $70,000 salaries plus a new truck. Where is that middle guy?

Needless to say we have not found the right fit yet. In the meantime we manage with our subs, and with being in tune with the jobs as we possibly can be. I’m sure the guys are tired of hearing me say….”we need to be productive today”.

As if we can be unproductive any day, hahaha.

Summer is over. The turn in the weather is just a breath away. I think this is the 36th winter I will be entering since this carpentry gig started.

I have to laugh. More years then not it seems, I am looking at a winter of outside work, coming off a summer and fall of more inside then outside work. This winter may not be different. I have been looking at a battery-heated jacket the last few years, may have to quit looking and start buying. No wait, I’m hiring a carpenter for that! 

PS from the Artist… I had to find out if a "battery heated" coat exists! Well it does. Check out this link. 

I think I know what I'm getting the Carpenter for Christmas….