Just pick up that brush!

by the Artist

I started. I didn't want to write about this till I knew it would stick. I'm painting that mountain of furniture in the cabinet shop. I picked a sale date and I'm now painting every chance I get. But.. I do not think the date is realistic for how much work there is to do. I feel rather desparate.

For those of you who do not know… two years ago or so I decided to start a tiny division of Applewood which I named "A Painted Apple". My plan… sell selected pieces of furniture through this website to boost traffic (just being honest here), and scratch a creative itch.

I had no idea what I was getting into. No. Idea. Notta. Nope. I don't know myself very well. I don't like to paint (walls and old furniture mostly). Really. I don't like old furniture. I grew up in a house full of antiques. They smelled. They were ugly (to my youngness) and they were everywhere. I slept in a four poster bird's eye maple rope bed which sagged terribly. I had a "school masters" desk, I had (and this was the worst… a "chamber pot" that featured soaring bluebirds sitting right by my bed and it smelled faintly of ammonia.) It was hideous to me. I have no idea why I didn't remove it from my room. We had "indoor plumbing". I wanted all matching white brand new bedroom furniture. I did not care that my dresser featured hand painted beautiful flowers on the front of the drawers. 

It has taken me two years to decide to move forward. And I have to admit.. the Carpenter's threats to put the furniture out on the curb spurred me on, along with the unexpected demise of my car (I need the funds). And.. I don't quit anything that I start. You can ask the Carpenter about that.

My main issue with painting the furniture was I did not have a vision for it. I could not see it finished. I didn't want to copy anyone else. I was paralyzed with possibility. Three things helped me over this huge creative block. I ran across a blog called The Weathered Door. http://www.theweathereddoor.com/before-and-after I just loved the colors. They resonated with me. I thought.. I can do this. And second. This past weekend after trial and error with subpar wax.. I drove to "Mama's Happy" http://www.mamashappy.com and bought good wax and "studied" the chalk painted (a painting technique very popular right now) furniture that was for sale. I was making it harder then it needed to be. And three… support.  Some good friends and family are picking up a brush to help in the trenches. I can do this.  

Yesterday I had made real progress for the first time. I got paint on five pieces. First coat. I filled my brush with a color called "Gambol Gold" which I had researched. It has been one of Sherwin Williams most popular golds. I can see why. It made me sing. Inside. Not out loud. 

I want to finish this post and get out to the shop to paint! This is a miracle. Is it enough of a miracle to make the sale date? Not sure. Right now it's a secret sale. In my heart. If I pull this off you will be the first to know. Pinky swear.